Backwater Old Man Becomes a Swordmaster Raw

Backwater old man becomes a swordmaster raw is a manga series full of action, adventure, comedy, ecchi and fantasy. It’s written by John Scalzi and published at Readkomik.

Beryl Gardenant is a swordsman who diligently manages a fencing dojo in a countryside village. He lives life in self-deprecation with an unparalleled swordsmanship fostered for years.

Beryl Gardernant

Beryl Gardernant is a humble sword master who runs a dojo in the Reveris kingdom. He has come to terms with his strength limitations and is living a peaceful life in the countryside. But things change drastically when Alexia, one of his former students, suddenly visits him and tells him that she has recommended Beryl to be a special instructor within the nation’s Knight Order.

Beryl has a dream that she will save many people using her sword. She wants to be the best in the kingdom and that is why she is doing everything she can to fulfill this ambition. She is determined to be a great warrior and her hard work will pay off.

In addition to her role as a fighter, she is also an accomplished painter and photographer. She studied at Cooper Union and The Art Students League in New York City, and her artwork was regularly exhibited. She also served as an ardent Civil Rights activist, arranging for Martin Luther King Jr.’s children to stay in her Greenwich Village loft during the Poor People’s March on Washington, and she hosted All Join Hands, a multi-cultural children’s television show that aired on CBS Sunday mornings in the early 1960s.

Throughout her life, Beryl had a wide range of interests and was always captivated by world events. She was an avid listener to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats, and she was fascinated by the arts and music.

Beryl is a spirited woman who never lost her sense of humor, even when she was struggling to get out of bed in the morning. She is also a strong believer in the power of kindness and generosity. She has an uncanny knack for bringing out the best in others and for motivating them to do their best. She is a character you won’t forget, and you’ll be inspired by her story.


Backwater old man becomes a swordmaster raw is no doubt one of the best mangas we have read in a long time. It has plenty of great characters to keep you entertained and the world of Valtrane is not short on adventure, especially for its citizens of color. This is a story of a guy who makes the most of his unique situation and uses the opportunities to become a better person in the process. The characters are all believable, and the author makes them come to life. The pacing is smooth, and the characters are not afraid to speak their minds. The most interesting character is the titular hero, and he is a snarky type who will be the subject of many a tongue twister.

The Kingdom of Debris

A fenced dojo in a rural village is painstakingly run by a man of the cloth. The best part is he isn’t the only one to enjoy the benefits of his benevolence. Among others is a plethora of talented swordsmen, all looking to wrangle the latest entrant. Taking a page out of the samurai’s book and using it for good, the aforementioned gent shows his stuff with aplomb. In the ensuing pages we take a closer look at this little guy and how he ascended from a mere mortal to an elite knight in shining armor. oh, and did we mention his nifty sized sword?

Sword Knights

Sword Knights was born in a small town on Zasmuitania, the planet that he and his sister, Flora, lived on. It was a fairly run down town that didn’t have much greenery, so Sword and his father planted a garden outside of their house. They were close to each other, and they had a very strong relationship.

As a kid, Sword was very fond of playing with Flora, especially on the weekends. They would ride their bikes around the neighborhood, and they always had fun together. They also loved to go to the park to play on the playground. Sword wanted to make sure that he could spend as much time with her as possible, so he worked hard to be a good father.

Once he was older, Sword got into a fight with Monsters, and was very close to dying. However, he was rescued by Blade, who killed the monster that almost took his life. This experience fueled Sword’s desire to become a monster hunter, and he began to craft weapons.

Eventually, Sword met Meta Knight, and he and his companion, Blade Knight, became apprentices to him. The two were once thieves, but they had been saved by Meta Knight from WolfWrath, and became indebted to him. They later followed Meta Knight to Dream Land where they became servants of King Dedede.

Since then, Sword has become very devoted to Blade and Meta Knight. They are his friends, and he often sees them as family. He even adopted Blade as his younger brother, though he does not know him by blood.

Sword is a very extroverted person. He enjoys talking with others, and he loves cooking. He has an incredible talent in this area, and he works hard to study it to become the best chef of the Knights.

Sword is a very serious Knight, but he is still very lighthearted. He loves to talk with other Knights and makes them laugh a lot. He is very careful not to act stiff or emotionless, but he does sometimes have to be reminded to put on more of a defensive barrier. He is also extremely receptive to learning new skills, and he has many interests that he enjoys studying.

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