Day For Oxy Scholarships

Day For Oxy Scholarships. The deadline for the 2017 Day for Oxy Scholarship applications has come and gone! If you’re looking to apply now is the time. The Day for Oxy scholarship program provides financial assistance to graduating high school seniors who demonstrate need and are interested in pursuing a career in science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). For more information or to apply visit:

Outline for Day For Oxy Scholarships

  • Day For Oxy Scholarships

  • Day of Action

  • What is Oxy?

  • The Problem with Oxy

  • Why Oxy Matters

  • The Solution to the Oxy Problem

  • How You Can Help

  • Conclusion

Day of Action

Calling all Oxy students! On April 30th we are organizing a day of action to demand more money for our scholarships. We will be marching from the university to the governor’s mansion and we need your help!

If you are able to participate in the march on April 30th please let us know! We need as many students as possible to show our support for scholarship funding. Thank you in advance for your support!

On Oxy Scholarships Day students from all over the world came together to demand financial aid for those in need.

Oxy Scholarships Day was a huge success! Several speakers addressed the crowd including Tamika Mallory co-founder of The Movement for Black Lives. Mallory emphasized the importance of fighting for educational opportunities for all people regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

They are currently working on launching a campaign called “You Can’t Outbid an Oxygen Revolution.” This campaign will aim to increase donations towards scholarships specifically reserved for low-income students of color. If successful it will signal to universities that there is a large community of donors who believe in the power of education and want to help ensure that everyone has access to it.

the best education possible. That’s why we are asking Governor Bevin to increase funding for our scholarships.

We know that this isn’t easy but it’s something that we feel passionately about. We hope that you will come out and join us on April 30th in demanding more money for our scholarships!

What is Oxy?

Oxygen is essential for life. Most people get enough oxygen through the air they breathe but people with diseases like cystic fibrosis or asthma may need supplemental oxygen. Oxygen is also used in many industrial processes and products like steelmaking and fertilizer production.

There are a few types of oxygen:

Oxygen-18 (O2) is the most common type of oxygen. It comes from plants and animals and is used in medicine.

The Problem with Oxy

The problem with OxyContin is that it is highly addictive and can lead to serious health problems if used for an extended period of time. In 2007 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved OxyContin for use as a chronic pain medication.

In 2010 the FDA released a safety update on oxycodone that warned prescribers about increased risks of addiction and misuse when prescribing the drug long-term. Despite this warning, the number of prescriptions for oxycodone continued to increase due to its addictive qualities.

In 2016 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that drug overdoses killed more people than gun homicides that year. Opioids include prescription painkillers like OxyContin and heroin as well as illicit drugs like fentanyl. Abuse and addiction to opioids have become major public health issues in the United States with consequences that reach far beyond just opioid addicts themselves. It’s

Why Oxy Matters

OxyContin also known by its trade name Oxycodone is an opioid painkiller that is mainly used to treat chronic pain. It was developed in the 1970s and has been a top-selling prescription drug since it was approved by the FDA in 1995. OxyContin originally came on the market as a tablet but has since been reformulated into a film that dissolves under the tongue. The film form of OxyContin is intended to provide extended release of the drug which allows for fewer opioid doses to be needed over time to manage pain.

Abuse of OxyContin leads addicts to seek out other opioids such as heroin which can be more dangerous and expensive than OxyContin. Physicians who prescribe OxyContin must weigh the risks and benefits of prescribing this medication carefully before providing it to their patients.

The Solution to the Oxy Problem

While each of these solutions has its own challenges and limitations it is clear that we need to find a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and increase our use of alternative energy sources in order to improve air quality and reduce the impact of climate change. One potential solution to the Oxygen problem is developing new technology that can break down Oxygen into other elements. For example, researchers at Purdue University have developed a device called an oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) engine that can convert atmospheric oxygen into water and carbon dioxide.

How You Can Help

First, you can donate money to the scholarship fund. Second, you can help organize or participate in events or programs that support Oxy scholars. And finally, you can spread the word about Oxy scholarships to your friends and family members.

Donating money to the scholarship fund is one of the most important ways you can help. Not only will your donation help support talented students who need financial assistance but it will also help encourage other people to contribute to the scholarship fund as well. By donating money to the scholarship fund you’re not just supporting one group of students; you’re helping to create a more inclusive and inclusive society for everyone.

Organizing or participating in events or programs that support Oxy scholars is another way you can help. By joining or organizing an event or program that supports Oxy scholars you’re helping to create a community of people who are supportive of talented students. This community will help encourage other people to contribute money and resources toward supporting talented students. In addition by participating in an event or program that supports Oxy scholars, you’re likely to learn something new about these students and their work. By doing so you’ll be able to share this knowledge with your friends and family members and encourage them to support talented students as well.

Finally spreading the word about Oxy scholarships is one of the most important things you can


Congratulations to all of our Oxy Scholarship recipients! We are so proud of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication. We hope that this money will help you reach your goals both educational and personal.

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