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If you want a LiveLeak alternative but don’t have the money to sign up for the service, there are a number of other options available. These options include Metacafe, DTube, MyVidster, and ItemFix. You can also watch videos on these services, but they don’t have the same variety as LiveLeak.


A liveleak alternative site, ItemFix is an online community that promotes the uploading and sharing of content. The site is also fairly strict on its content policies. The content it allows is categorized by popular categories, and content is sanitized before it is posted. The site also has popular channels, such as News, Memes, Viral, WTF, Cool, and more. Content in these channels is sorted by upvotes and scores.

ItemFix is an English language video-sharing website that hosts videos from different countries. Its videos tend to focus on random issues within a country. Its interface is easy to use, and videos are available quickly. It also offers a lot of content in different categories, so you can find videos that interest you.

Among its problems, LiveLeak was known for hosting offensive content. Despite complaints from users, LiveLeak refused to make changes to their content policy. As a result, many users flooded to other websites that offered similar services. But now, Hewitt has created an alternative site called ItemFix, which bans gory and excessive violence.

LiveLeak shut down on May 7, 2021 for a variety of reasons. Its founder didn’t give a reason for the shutdown, but it’s believed to have been the result of its controversial content. While its content was sometimes violent, it was not uncommon for it to be accompanied by gore and violence. After the site’s shutdown, many of its loyal users began searching for an alternative.


Liveleak is a popular video sharing website. It offers a great variety of categories and a constantly-updated database of videos. Its interface is straightforward and features a clean, categorized look. Users can browse through videos by genre, such as comedy, video games, sports, and news. It also has an android app. It also has no restrictions on what you can view.

Another Liveleak alternative is AOL Video. This site is similar to LiveLeak and does not require registration and features easy navigation. It is constantly updated with new videos, and has tabs for popular, trending, and latest videos. It also allows you to search videos with specific keywords.

Metacafe also has a simple uploading process, and is geared toward short-form content. While it doesn’t feature the largest library of videos, it is popular with those who enjoy short, funny videos. Its files are limited to 100MB and do not contain nudity. Metacafe also reviews videos before they are posted.

Liveleak is banned from Metacafe, but there are several alternatives. There are a variety of content types on Liveleak, including news, sports, and viral graphic content. There is no charge to browse the library. And as with Metacafe, you can view videos without signing up.


DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform. It is built on P2P and Blockchain technologies. Its interface is similar to YouTube, with sections for trending, new, and hot videos. Like YouTube, it also allows live streaming. Users can earn Tokens for uploading videos and can also earn money for watching videos.

Dtube is another Liveleak alternative. This video sharing platform focuses on real-life videos of incidents in your community. All you need to do to watch videos is to create an account, but you can also earn cryptocurrency by uploading videos to the website. You can also watch videos in high-definition, but beware of the annoying ads.

If you want to watch high-quality videos, Veoh may be the perfect LiveLeak alternative. This site has plenty of categories, so you can find something for every interest and taste. It’s an excellent choice for people who love comedy, with top-quality videos for all types of audiences.

DTube is not the only LiveLeak alternative, but it does offer a lot of advantages, including the ability to download video in a variety of formats. This site started a year before YouTube, and it allows users to upload videos up to 1GB. The process is very similar to uploading photos. You can also use it to post pictures and video links on social media.

Another LiveLeak alternative is eBaum’s World. This website, which belongs to the company Literally Media, offers a massive database of quality videos. This website is ideal for teachers and students because it keeps students engaged while protecting them from distractions on the internet.


MyVidster is a social video sharing website that allows you to share videos with others and watch videos taken by other people. It also helps you create video collections and creates a positive environment for streamers. As a result, it can be a great Liveleak alternative for people who are looking for a site that is both convenient and secure. You can find videos from all over the web at MyVidster, and you can also follow different people who upload videos there.

Unlike other video sharing sites, MyVidster does not require users to pay a subscription. It is a free website that integrates with other sites and platforms to provide a convenient experience. You can also follow people to follow videos and get more information on their videos. There are a variety of videos available on MyVidster, including popular videos, newest releases, and collections from other sites.

Another great feature of MyVidster is its ability to search and share videos. You can search through collections of videos from various sites and find videos that match your preferences. You can also search for videos by category. You can also post videos on MyVidster and share them with friends.

Another popular Liveleak alternative is DailyMotion. This site features amazing content that never fails to surprise its viewers. Like YouTube, DailyMotion requires an account before you can begin watching videos. You can subscribe to a premium plan to download movies. If you want more videos, you can also try Xfinity Video.

If Liveleak is banned from your area, you can try MyVidster instead. Its user interface and content are quite similar.


BitChute is a Liveleak alternative that has a lot of great content. You can find something to watch in almost every category, and it’s easy to navigate. The videos are also of high quality. If you want to watch movies, BitChute is the way to go.

BitChute is a peer-to-peer video sharing site that uses torrenting technology. It was created to allow users to post and share video content without restrictions. It allows you to upload videos without worrying about content restrictions or file sizes. Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can watch it on your computer or seed it on other users’ computers.

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