The Ditch Mitch McConnell Stuffed Animal

A pragmatist and moderate Republican early in his career, McConnell has shifted to the right over time. He fought against stricter campaign finance laws, culminating in the Supreme Court ruling that partially overturned the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold).

As Senate majority leader, McConnell has prioritized the confirmation of conservative judicial nominees, which has shifted the federal judiciary to the right. He has also rushed through a number of executive appointments, including several cabinet secretaries and the Secretary of Defense.

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Ditch Mitch McConnell T-Shirts

If you’re looking to take the anti-McConnell movement even further, you might want to consider one of the Ditch Mitch McConnell T-Shirts. These shirts feature a number of different designs and are available in a wide range of sizes. They’re also made from a variety of fabrics, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For example, the first shirt features a stuffed animal with the slogan “Don’t Ditch Moscow Mitch!” in front of the words “Mitch McConnell for Senate.” It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes and comes in a variety of colors. You can buy this shirt on Amazon for free shipping and fast delivery.

The second t-shirt is an old-fashioned baseball shirt. It features a sleeveless design and comes in a variety of colors. It’s also available in a wide variety of sizes, including women’s sizes and large men’s t-shirts.

You can also choose a long-sleeved design on the T-shirt for extra warmth. These are great for warmer climates, like Florida and California.

Lastly, you can find a T-shirt that has the phrase “Ditch McConnell” across the back in a large font. This is the most popular shirt among people who are trying to show their opposition to McConnell.

In addition to the T-shirt, there are also hats and caps that can be purchased. These are a great way to show your support of the anti-McConnell movement and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

These items are a fun way to let the world know you’re against the corrupt practices of Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republican lawmakers. They’re also a great way to show off your political pride and remind others that you believe in the United States and its citizens.

Despite being one of the most powerful politicians in America, many people don’t approve of McConnell’s actions in Washington. He has a dismal approval rating in Kentucky, where he lives, and his latest campaign efforts are raising questions about how he’s using his influence. He’s a polarizing figure, so it makes sense that his political opponents would want to raise awareness about his ties to drug dealers and corruption.

Ditch Mitch McConnell Mugs

Over the past few weeks, Senator Mitch McConnell has reminded America that he is the worst Republican in Washington, D.C.

As such, he has been the subject of many a Twitter rant or two. But he’s been the topic of even more attention lately after photos emerged last week showing him with his hands covered in bandages and bruises.

Despite his claims that he hasn’t had any health issues, this was a picture that would make the heads turn of anyone who is even remotely familiar with the medical field. It also deserved a lot of guff from the media, which dubbed it as a “miracle.”

Aside from being a tidbit of trivia, the mug is a quality ceramic product that will stand the test of time and can be used for everything from morning coffee to tequila. Its vivid print and sturdy construction will stand up to the microwave and dishwasher.

It also has a funky little swivel lid that lets you drink without burning your hands or splashing your drinks. If you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or family member, this is the one for you.

The Ditch Mitch McConnell Mugs is available in travel, tall and standard sizes. The best part? These mugs are made in the USA and ship fast! You can even order a tee to go with the mug! The Ditch Mitch McConnell mugs are the cheapest you will find online and are sure to be a hit with anyone. You can get a free sample of our swag by signing up for our email list! It’s a good way to keep up with the latest t-shirts and other cool merch that we have to offer.

Ditch Mitch McConnell Hats

For years, it was impossible to imagine Mitch McConnell would ever have a moment when his political life would resemble the chaos in which he now finds himself. That’s because, for four decades, he’s sought the highest office in the land by any means at his disposal.

But in the wake of President Trump’s election, McConnell is suddenly battling for his job and a second term in Congress. His approval ratings in Kentucky have tumbled, and he’s gotten a lot more of a national spotlight than he ever deserved — but that hasn’t been good for him back home.

So when a scandal exploded last week, in which Robert Mueller testified that Russia had been meddling in U.S. elections, McConnell took matters into his own hands by slamming two Democratic attempts to pass election-security bills. That caused a flurry of red “Just Say Nyet to Moscow Mitch” T-shirts to flood the state’s Democratic party offices as quickly as they could be made.

Those T-shirts aren’t just selling because of the fallout from the Russia investigation: They’re also a warning that the political turbulence he’s putting himself through will be coming to a head in 2020. That’s because McConnell has become such a close ally of President Trump that he can’t afford to distance himself one iota between now and November.

That means he’s going to have to do the dirty work for Trump, putting himself on the front lines of a generational revolt over class and politics. And that, in turn, is going to make it hard for him to hold on to his position in the Senate.

He’ll have to spend a lot of time in Kentucky, where he’s got to keep his job and campaign for re-election next year. And he’ll have to answer for the campaign money he’s raised almost exclusively from donors from outside the state.

That’s a problem for any politician. But it’s especially bad for one whose erratic conduct has earned him the nickname “Moscow Mitch.” He can’t let that be his legacy anymore, and he needs to find some way to stop being Moscow Mitch. That’s why he’s offering these Ditch Mitch McConnell Hats.

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